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“Kiss on lips, sexual assault,” the Spanish FA chief’s supporters lament.



After the World Cup final in Sydney, Luis Rubiales, the head of the Spanish football federation, received harsh criticism in his native country for kissing football player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth.

Spain’s women won their first World Cup, defeating England 1-0, but many Spaniards, including government ministers, were unsettled by the events that preceded the trophy presentation.

“We women experience this type of sexual assault on a daily basis, and it has gone unnoticed up until now. We must not normalize it.””Assent is crucial. Irene Montero, Spain’s Minister of Equality, posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying that “only a yes is a yes.”

Ione Belarra, the Minister of Social Rights, also blogged about the event on X.We’re all wondering, “If they act in such a way in front of all of Spain, what won’t they do behind closed doors? She said, “Sexual abuse against women must stop.

In addition to giving each of the Spanish players hugs, Rubiales, 45, kissed Hermoso on the mouth after giving her a cheek kiss.

According to the 33-year-old, “I didn’t like it.”

Despite a major disagreement over coaching practices between the team and coach Jorge Vilda, Spain managed to win the World Cup.

Before the competition, a few players abstained from training, but Rubiales supported his coach.

Along with defending himself, Rubiales said to Radio Marca, “The kiss with Jenni? Idiots can be found anywhere. You are unable to focus on the unimportant gesture of affection shared by two people, let alone the ridiculous conversation that is taking on.

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