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On his first day as the Minister of the Federal Capital, Wike makes threats and promises.



The FCT’s Wike claims that all eateries constructed on green spaces would be removed.

Nyesom Wike, the minister of the Federal Capital Territory, has threatened to destroy the properties of Abuja landlords whose structures interfere with the city’s master plan.

The minister made the warning on Monday, August 21, 2023, immediately after taking office and speaking to the media.

Wike stated that if houses are built in inappropriate places, they will all collapse, regardless of the status of their owners.

“Those who are misrepresenting Abuja’s master plan, that’s unfortunate,” he uttered. Examine the trash everywhere you go. What are the people collecting it for you doing with your money? So, it is imperative that we take some time to consider various approaches to trash management.

It would collapse if you knew you had erected somewhere you shouldn’t have. Serve as a minister wherever you are and as an ambassador; if you discover that you have grown where you shouldn’t have, you must demolish your home.

The former governor of Rivers State threatened to demolish all restaurants situated on open spaces in the FCT while reading the riot codes to landowners there.

“Sorry, those who have taken over the green spaces to construct; the green space and our parks need to return. You have to loathe yourself if you despise green.

Therefore, no, we will not accept it if you know of anyone who is involved and has taken over the parks and green spaces where you go to eat. I apologize if your fathers offended you in that way. I apologize, but there is nothing I can do if your mothers have done that; it will go down.

The minister also threatened those who have refused to develop their landed properties in the hopes of selling them for outrageous sums of money, calling them land racketeers.

Wike promised to revoke the properties and offer them to the first people who develop them quickly.

“And I’m going to the staff tomorrow to confront all of these folks who are engaging in land racketing. Let me tell you, the land-raiding era is ended.

“And the land is gone for those to whom the government granted C of O, but they refuse to develop it and turn it into a speculative venture. I shall cancel them because I fail to see why, after receiving land for development from the government, you would depart and begin pursuing buyers for N3 billion. Who executes that? We’re going to reclaim our land and offer it to developers.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has asked Wike, who took office on Monday, and 44 other ministers to serve Nigerians with integrity.

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