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Parents and educators lament Ogun School’s inadequate amenities.



Teachers and parents of Community Primary School Owode in Ijako-Ota, Ogun State, have expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the school’s facilities.

The reporter saw that the school’s infrastructure had deteriorated to the point where it was an eyesore, with broken furnishings and equipment.

In interviews with our correspondent, educators and parents stated that inadequate and suitable learning facilities have stunted students’ academic progress.In a chat with our correspondent, Pius, one of the school’s teachers, stated, “Owode has over 42 Community Development Associations.

” Despite our large location, there are only two government schools here, and neither of them is adequately furnished.

The two government-built schools were actually constructed by the locals. The school building collapsed in 2014. The pupils used to attend their classes outside, without a roof over their heads, in the past.

“A non-governmental organization traveled from overseas to rebuild the school from the ground up following the hurricane.

The group was discovered by the NGO through a social media video that depicted the children’s unsettling conditions.

According to him, private persons completed the majority of the school’s renovations, while the government only constructed two classrooms for the pupils.

“The school hasn’t had electricity for almost two years. He bemoaned,

“Students sit on broken chairs and abandoned stoves to learn.Another teacher, known only as Babatunde, bemoaned the condition of the school’s facilities and asked the authorities for assistance.

“There is zero security in the school because there is no fence,” stated a parent who went by the name Eniselu. Regular thieves visit the school to take things. We are in God’s hands.

In response to a message, Ayobami Arigbabu, the state commissioner of education, stated, “The government has intervened in two different schools.

” While the second intervention took place in 2012/2013, the first one took place in 2010/2011. There are 1,657 primary schools in Ogun State.

The program was implemented in more than 2,000 schools in 2013. More than a thousand projects have been submitted, and they will start this year.

The present project will benefit the schools that were not benefited by the earlier ones.

Arigbabu pushed the administration of the school to notify the authorities of all fundamental needs within the school on a regular basis.

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