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300,000 bags of rice are donated by Zulum to be distributed to underprivileged people.



On Tuesday, the governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum, added 300,000 homes to the 100,000 that the federal government was already helping with palliative care.As he started delivering palliatives to low-income houses on behalf of the federal government, Zulum made the statement on Tuesday.

In addition to the 300,000 households that would receive the state palliative, Zulum stated, “Today we are here to inaugurate the distribution of palliatives to 100,000 less privileged people in Borno under the presidential initiative.”

Given that some of the insurgency’s destruction of Borno’s farmlands prevented returnees from having complete access to them, he clarified that the situation there is unique.

Every home in the rural areas of the LGAs affected by the insurgency, according to Zulum, will benefit. He also mentioned that 2,000 individuals who are considered vulnerable will be selected in each ward for palliative care, particularly in urban areas like Maiduguri.

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