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Kano demonstrators advise against court incitement.



Under the banner of the North-West Anti-Corruption Network and Kano State Civil Society, young protestors marched to Kano State’s Government House on Monday, seeking justice at the Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal.

This occurred just hours after the Kano State Police Command forbade political parties and their followers from protesting because to growing unease over allegations that certain tribunal officials had been bought off with money.

At a press conference in Kano on Monday, Police Commissioner Mr. Usuani Gumel made the announcement of the ban while speaking to reporters at the command center.

An alleged attempt to hinder the course of justice by financial inducement was brought to the attention of Justice Flora Azinge, the Chairman of the State and House of Representatives Elections Petition Tribunal, which is seated in Kano.

Judge Azinge accused several top attorneys who were pleading their cases before the court of making improper attempts to taint the system, but he withheld the identity of the person attempting to bribe the panel.

Gumel consequently issued a warning to APC and NNP followers, asking them to refrain from participating in any kind of protest without police permission.

The commissioner forewarned that defaulters will be arrested and charged by the command.

The demonstrators, who had earlier gathered in Kofar-Nasarawa, reportedly marched through the city center to the government house to deliver a letter with their requests, which Governor Abba Kabir-Yusuf received, according to the News Agency of Nigeria.

Ibrahim Waiya, the coalition’s head and the chairman of the Kano Civil Society Forum, pleaded with the state governor to give President Bola Tinubu the letter.

Among other things, the coalition is demanding an investigation into the purported attempts of a top attorney to bribe the state’s election tribunal justices.

Upon welcoming the demonstrators, the governor expressed gratitude for their nonviolent approach and promised to forward their message to the President.Additionally, he was impressed by their tenacity and dedication to maintaining democracy in the nation.

The governor also expressed his confidence to the group that the President would adequately address their complaint, focusing on the claim that judges were bought off to rig the Kano election tribunal.

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