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Ministers, the diaspora APC Chairmen caution you—you can’t afford to fail.



The chairs of the All Progressives Congress Committee of the Diaspora have cautioned the newly appointed ministers against failing and urged them to make sure they live up to the public’s expectations.

The News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos was informed on Tuesday by Prince Stephen Tella, the APC Chairman for the Spain chapter and the Secretary General of the CDC, that the Federal Executive Council’s recent appointments were an attempt to save the country.

Tella claims that many Nigerians are aware of the chosen ministers’ ability, character, enthusiasm, and dedication to nation-building in both the public and private sectors, which is why the president nominated, vetted, and installed them.

“There is no question that everyone of you has equally distinguished yourself in life and career, and we are confident that the president recognized this before appointing you to these esteemed posts.”Everyone is now looking to you to assist the President in implementing his updated Hope Agenda.

We are confident that Nigerians would start to notice significant improvements in the country’s society as soon as you take office. Try your hardest to put Nigeria on the path of progress and growth that is sustainable.

“It is imperative that you don’t let the people down who are excitedly anticipating your arrival and the improvements you will be making to their lives,” Tella stated.

He claims that because the country is facing many difficulties right now, working with the president will help to lessen the pain of the people.

Tella urged the ministers to demonstrate a high degree of dedication and altruism by utilizing their knowledge and experiences to help Nigerian residents.

Tella stressed that the security and well-being of women, children, youth, and Nigerians both at home and abroad must be given first priority, and that the new federal executive council must serve with “impeccable integrity and honesty.

“Tella asked God to give the ministers the discernment to make the president, the Nigerian people, and society as a whole proud of this administration while pledging the support of the Diaspora community to the new Federal Executive Council.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, President Tinubu charged his 45-member cabinet on Monday with bringing the nation’s aspirations for fresh socioeconomic progress to bear.

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