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NDDC takes action to eliminate budget implementation duplication.



According to the Niger Delta Development Commission, it has started a procedure that would reduce waste and duplication and end the period of working against the interests of the state governors in the area.

During the 2024 budget of reconstruction conference, held on Monday at the Ibom Icon Hotel in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, with the theme “Partners for Sustainable Development Forum-NDDC 2024,” Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, the NDDC’s managing director and chief executive officer, disclosed this.

According to him, the goal of the stakeholders’ meeting was to offer a means of establishing a functional budgeting system that aligns with the Federal Government’s “Renewed Hope” initiative.”This meeting is extremely important.

One benefit is that it helps to revitalize the Partners for Sustainable Development Forum, which was established as part of the Regional Master Plan Implementation Guidelines. This brings together project implementers and service providers to develop a shared vision for the development of the Niger Delta region and creates a common pathway.

“In addition, it gives us all the motivation and chance to combine our resources, start projects and programs, and always keep in mind the objective of improving our region and empowering our people.

Through this, Ogbuku stated, “we would, following the conference, galvanize our energies for a common purpose, eliminate duplications and institutional suspicions in the development process, reduce incidence of working at cross purposes as well as reduce wastage of scarce resources allocated for regional developmental initiatives by all stakeholders.

“Dr. Shuaib Belgore, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of the Niger Delta Affairs, blamed the commission’s inadequate implementation approach over time for the budgets’ delayed submission in his keynote speech.

Belgore, through the ministry’s director of Planning and Statistics, Mr. Alfred Abba, asked the new management to develop and implement a budgetary procedure that would work in harmony with the applicable Establishment Act’s specified provisions.

He declared, “NDDC budgets have undoubtedly suffered difficulties throughout the years, including late submission and delayed approvals, among other things.The goal of this conference is to address the low/poor implementation that has resulted from these problems.

I will push the Commission to keep developing and implementing a budgetary procedure that complies with the requirements of the applicable Establishment Act.According to Sections 18 and 19 of the NDDC Act, the Commission’s Board must submit a budget plan for the following year no later than September 30 of the current year. As a result, the Commission’s 2024 budget should be presented by September 30 of 2023.

The government would provide the Commission with the support it needs to pass its annual budgets, he pledged, but he also urged the Commission to adopt strong and creative approaches toward right-budgeting that are based on openness and stakeholder involvement.

Representatives from the governments of the nine Niger Delta states, foreign oil firms, traditional leaders, youth organizations, and civil society organizations are among those participating at the two-day summit.

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