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Teenager from Ondo admits to participating in more than 40 robberies.



Sunday Ojo, a 16-year-old suspect in armed robbery who goes by the moniker Oyenusi, the infamous armed robber, described on Monday how he was involved in over 40 operations in Ondo State.

Ojo was taken into custody by the Amotekun Corps, popularly known as the Ondo State Security Network Agency, along with two other robbery suspects: Timileyin Femi, aka Anini, age 13, and Matti Lowe, aka Osunbo, age 16.After being paraded with other suspects, he spoke with reporters in an interview.

“I can no longer recall how many robberies I have taken part in. Nor can they be less than forty. An wicked spirit overcame me and inspired me to steal,” he remarked.Ojo was identified as a suspect in two armed robberies by Chief Adetunji Adeleye, the state commander of Amotekun.

“We have arrested a juvenile robber who took the name of infamous armed robber from Nigeria, Oyenusi,” he declared.”We took the young child to a juvenile home after re-arresting him for unlawful gun possession and robbery three years prior.

He was thirteen years old at the time. Giving him over to a juvenile and seeing if he could be rehabilitated was the best we could do.

He is now sixteen. This time, he broke into many stores and took merchandise.

He said that he had committed more than 40 acts of housebreaking between then and today.The state police agency displayed a total of thirty-one people who had been detained on suspicion of being involved in a variety of criminal offenses.

The suspects were reportedly involved in crimes like kidnapping, stealing, and burglary, according to the corps, and they were detained at various points throughout the state.

Abdullahi Adamu, a suspect from Katsina State, claimed he joined the kidnapping group after learning that his father had been murdered by armed robbers a few months prior.

He was allegedly implicated in the state’s Akoko North-East Local Government Area’s kidnapping of a farmer in Akunnu Akoko.

“This is my first time involving in kidnapping,” the suspect stated, speaking to reporters through an interpreter. I was first introduced to the crime by the now-dead gang official. After my father was murdered by armed robbers a few months ago, I joined the gang.

Adeleye declared that until criminals left the state, the corps would not back down. “We have a number of criminals who have been terrorizing different areas of Ondo State,” Adeleye stated.

In less than a week, 31 suspected offenders from Ondo were taken into custody in all 18 of the state’s local government districts.

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