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Traditionalists: Avoid eradicating the Isese festival.



Ondo State traditionalists participating in the Isese festival have announced that it will remain an annual celebration.

Speaking on Sunday on International Isese Day, Araba Folorunsho Adetunji, an Isese from Ondo State, said that while preserving the celebration for future generations, the group was doing everything within its power to keep it alive.

Adetunji stated, “We became interested when we noticed that our fathers had congregated and were seeing this festivity, where they halted. For this reason, we have the religion of the Ifa Council come together.

A festival would be destroyed if we did not include our children in it.”To ensure that the youngsters understand that this Isese should not be taken away from them, we, the youths of today, assembled in a temple-style manner. You don’t have to be afraid of it because it is something that kids should see.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons we assembled the kids—to let them know how essential it is. We obey the word of Irumole, which is the word of God that is being established. It is crucial because it is the way we were made.

Orunmila informed us that the Bible is infallible and that we have selected a leader to instruct us in a number of languages. He would teach them different religions on Isese when he would assemble some of them. He said that one should not obstruct another and advised them to practice whichever faith felt right for them

“We would note that this Isese is the one we encountered on Earth. It was observed before the weird religion arrived, which is why we modern young converted it to a religion in order to protect our kids.

Then, because they had instilled fear in the kids, we began to gather them. In order for there to be peace, we got together.

Today, if there are other religions, we are also somewhere in between them. One religion does not preclude another; you serve with your whole heart what you believe in.

In a similar vein, Mr. Akomolafe Olomi, Secretary of Isese in Ondo State and Secretary of Ifa Religion Worldwide, stated that every religion should be allowed in the nation and that the Isese celebration was necessary.

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