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APC young leaders, keep your pledge of youth inclusion, tell Tinubu.



The All Progressives Congress (APC) youth wing has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to uphold his promise to prioritize young engagement in his administration.

This was stated in a letter submitted to the President and signed by 36 youth leaders from throughout the nation, including Abuja, headlined “Clarion Call for a Purposeful Minister of Youth Fit for the Job.”

They urged the President not to forget his promise to provide opportunity for young people to excel in his government.

Under the auspices of the Forum of APC Youth Leaders, the youths praised President Tinubu for his youth-friendly policies thus far and for being youth-friendly in carrying out his obligations as President of the country.

They emphasized the importance of laying a foundation for the younger generation and upholding promises made to them, particularly in terms of providing them prominent positions in government, in the letter.

“The Forum of Youth Leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC), comprising the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), wishes to commend the current administration led by His Excellency, Bola Tinubu, President and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for being youth-friendly in the discharge of his responsibilities as President of the country, particularly his youth-friendly policies so far,” the letter reads.

“Without a doubt, Mr. President has demonstrated his unrivaled love for the youth demographic by reserving the Ministry of Youth for this vital constituency.”

“The Forum, having observed that the strength and success of this administration is largely dependent on the viability of the Youth Ministry, is requesting that the personality of the would-be Minister of Youth be carefully considered in tandem with the peculiar character of the youths, in terms of ability to network with the segment and the contribution of the youth ministry to ease youth agitation across the country.”

They urged President Tinubu to allow APC youth leaders to contribute to the selection of the youth for the position.

“Based on the aforementioned premise, we are pleading with His Excellency Bola Amed Tinubu, President and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to allow one of our own, the youthful and forward-thinking Seyi Tinubu, to midwife the selection of a youthful Minister of Youth who understands the importance of a viable ministry of youth development, one that plays an integral role in the development and management of the youth demography.”

“Your Excellency sir, it will interest you to note that Seyi Tinubu has painstakingly strengthened the party’s youth wing, especially at a time when youthful vigour was needed to drive the campaigns.”

“He also traveled at odd hours to numerous states to conduct on-the-spot assessments and canvass support for the administration’s success, which helped him better understand and appreciate the unique challenges confronting youths.”

“As a result, we believe that allowing him to preside over the appointment of a youthful Minister for the Youth Ministry will calm the agitations of youths in the majority of the federation’s states.”

“We also take this opportunity to expressly distance ourselves from a supposedly authorized statement by zonal youth leaders.”

“We take the risk of saying that whatever suggestion is contained in the aforementioned release does not represent the desire of the majority of progressive youths across the country.”

“While we thank you for the privilege and trust you have shown in the youth constituency thus far, it is our hope that you will consider our request on this critical issue.”

“We wish you continued greatness and success in serving our beloved country.”

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