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In his first official task, Wike inspects a rail transportation project.



Following a train journey from the Metro Station to the Airport and Idu Stations to assess the continuing rail system restoration project, the minister characterized it as a “good project.”

He went on to say that if finished, it will greatly reduce traffic congestion in the city.

“This is one of the projects that we will finish and put to use.”

“The money for the rehabilitation is already on the ground, and I have already directed Mr Adesola Olusade, Permanent Secretary, FCT Administration, to ensure that the contractor is paid.”

“We will work to ensure that this project is commissioned and put to public use in the coming months,” Wike added.

Earlier, Dr Mariya Mahmoud, Minister of State for FCT, stated that examining the difficulties impacting rail transportation and finding solutions to them will aid in the system’s general use.

According to her, the public transportation system is one of the palliative measures that President Bola Tinubu wishes to deliver.

“We are in the ARMT Metro Station to assess what is happening on the ground, what the challenges are, and what the ministry is expected to do to take the transportation system to the next level.”

The permanent secretary had previously stated that Wike was known as ‘Mr project’ by many, and that it was not surprising that his first assignment outside the office was a visit to a project site.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, significant vandalism of train infrastructure tested the ARMT system, according to Olusade, who added that private security agencies were called in to help.

He also stated that a significant stumbling block in the operating process has been overcome, and that the Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company has been tasked with managing the operation.

“We are already developing a framework for the assignment, and we look forward to this project significantly contributing to the reduction of the pains associated with the removal of fuel subsidy,” he said.

Mr Joseph Akinteye, FCTA’s Director of Transportation, also noted that the ARMT system rehabilitation project consists of Lots 1 A and 3 and extends 45.245 kilometers (km).

According to Akinteye, the ARMT system phase 1, which consists of Lots 1 and 3, totaling 77.775 km, was granted in 2007 out of the six Lots identified under the Transportation Master plan.

However, Akinteye stated that only Lots 1 A and 3, totaling 45.245 km, were finished in 2017 and commissioned in 2018. As his first official task, Mr Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), toured the Abuja Rail Mass Transit (ARMT) System renovation project on Wednesday.

During a visit to the ARMT Metro Station in Abuja, Wike informed journalists that the measure was part of his effort to address difficulties impacting public transit in the FCT.

According to him, one of the industries he plans to reform in the near future to improve public transportation in the capital city is transportation.

“One of the sectors in which we intend to intervene in the short term to reduce traffic congestion within the city is transportation.”

“I know we have a metro station in Abuja that isn’t working; why isn’t it working?” Can we fix it in a timely manner? He inquired.

While other lots of the project were not completed, he emphasized that people would have faith in the one that was completed and working.

He emphasized that starting another rail project while the one that was completed was still inoperable was not a good idea.

He stated that every project that has begun must be completed before beginning another, taking into account the availability of resources.

“I assured the public that the rail transportation system is a project that we will see through to completion.”

“Before starting another project, we’ll need to figure out which locations get the most traffic. “This is critical for decongesting traffic-congested areas,” he said.

He instructed CCECC Nig. Ltd, the construction company in charge of the rail construction and rehabilitation projects, to provide quality projects.

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