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Protesters support Wike and demand that Tinubu’s ministers submit or step down.



Hundreds of pro-democracy protestors on Wednesday rallied in support of Federal Capital Territory Minister Nyesom Wike, claiming that the former governor of Rivers State was only promising Nigerians that he would adhere to legal procedures, in response to his threat to demolish illegal structures in the FCT.

When the minister threatened to tear down houses that were built unlawfully in the capital during a press conference on Monday at his new office in Abuja, he had ignited a firestorm.

Many residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are alarmed by the threat, believing that the former governor of Rivers may follow in the footsteps of former Minister Nasir El-Rufai, who gained notoriety for demolishing buildings in an effort to purify Abuja.

However, several demonstrators supporting Wike went under the banner of The Natives, arguing that the citizens of the Federal Capital Territory shouldn’t be alarmed by the minister’s purported threat of demolition.The Natives’ coordinator, Edward Smart, revealed to reporters in Abuja on Wednesday that Wike had just said what was evident.Nigerians are being reassured not to be terrified.

The nation must grow, and we must all be willing to make sacrifices. Wike poses no threat.

In a similar spirit, Edward tasked the recently appointed ministers with exerting great effort to carry out the President’s “Renewed Hope” agenda.

Additionally, the protesters asked the president to make sure all appointments are held to high standards and to require those who don’t to step down from their positions.Honorable Ministers, awaken, wake up, and stand up. You are among the top 45 of us; please do not let us down. Both as a group and as individuals, we cannot accept defeat. The entire nation is looking to you for great things, and may your reign be fruitful.

We ask you, ministers: please fold your sleeves and be alert. The task is rather big. You have all the lineage to overcome them. As examples, you have China, Rwanda, and Singapore in front of you. This is a distinct voyage. Nigerians demand results, and the president wants deliveries.

Clear out all the trash, unclog the wheels, remove all obstructions, imbalances, and obstacles from your paths.“Our young people need to get jobs. The nation needs to be secure. Our President Asiwaju has given you the authority to bring about a paradigm change. This gives you the order to think creatively and assemble the greatest squad possible.

Create innovations through study and expertise, and rework and restructure your MDAs to achieve higher productivity. Take your time. “Resign if you can’t,” he encouraged.

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