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September 2023 is when the new varsity curriculum will be implemented, according to NUC.



According to the National Universities Commission, the Core Curriculum Minimum Academic Standards will go into effect by September 2023.

In order to achieve the nation’s overall goals for education and training, the CCMAS document is supposed to serve as a guide for institutions as they construct their program curricula, incorporating the essential innovation into the content and delivery of their programs.

The acting executive secretary of the NUC, Chris Maiyaki, stated that the document would elevate Nigerian institutions to the top of the continent during his remarks at the stakeholders’ colloquium on CCMAS on Wednesday in Abuja.According to Maiyaki, CCMAS would comprise 70% of the curriculum, with the other 30% being determined by the institution.

He claims that the implementation will help the education sector’s future become more focused.The CCMAS’s mission and growth is to guarantee dedication to the advancement of both our wonderful country and our educational system.

“The main goal of NUC is to guarantee the caliber and competitiveness of Nigerian universities on the international stage, as well as the caliber of our graduates.

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group, regulatory agencies, academics from our universities, and other stakeholders were all involved in the laborious process that went into creating the CCMAS.

“The CCMAS is an example of a global initiative that will provide graduates with the skills and resources they need to further the country’s development,” he stated.Prof. Tahir Mamman, the Minister of Education, urged academic institutions to utilize the thirty percent of input from the university senate to the fullest.

Regardless of the primary subject, Mamman counseled colleges to make sure that students gained both hard and soft skills.

According to him, the abilities needed must be easily transferred to the academic setting, the nation in general, and the international community in particular.

“Now is the best time to design a strategy that would help universities and other tertiary institutions fulfill their responsibility to supply the nation with the necessary workforce.

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