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To rework the Lokoja-Ajaokuta expressway, Umahi pledges



Given its strategic importance as the entry point between the country’s northern and eastern regions, Minister of Works Dave Umahi has pledged to reconstruct the Lokoja-Ajaokuta Express road.It was during his first official visit to Kogi State that Umahi made the commitment.

Governor Bello had emphasized the road as the main route connecting the North and South, and he was answering that.The minister conveyed his appreciation for the governor’s kind welcome upon his appointment and his commitment to Kogi State’s advancement.Umahi recognized the condition of federal highways and the extensive efforts made by the government to improve them.

He unveiled designs for durable, low-maintenance concrete roads and promised quick progress on all Kogi State federal road projects.He said that concrete road building innovation, with its cheap maintenance costs and ability to last for more than 50 years without maintenance, was being considered by the Federal Government.

Additionally, he revealed that the cost of construction and the guarantee of building supplies are lower for concrete roads.The minister thanked the governor for his efforts on road maintenance and pledged to revamp the Lokoja-Ganaja-Ajaokuta Road.

Umahi had previously inspected other federal road projects, including the bridge reconstruction at Gada-biu, the Abaji section of Abuja-Lokoja Road, Koto-Karfe Bridge, and Murtala Muhammed Bridge, according to a statement sent on Wednesday by the Chief Press Secretary to the state governor, Onogwu Mohammed.

He stated that “the minister expressed the Federal Government’s determination to put the strategically important road into a proper shape, necessitating its redesign to meet current realities.”Governor Yahaya Bello expressed hope in the Federal Government’s determination to improve the nation’s road system.

He conveyed his sincere gratitude for the minister’s proactive approach in examining the state’s failing federal roads, which showed a notable commitment to addressing urgent infrastructure problems.He recognized the difficulties commuters faced, the harm to commerce and the economy, and the pressure on transportation networks.

The governor sent appreciation to President Bola Tinubu and the minister for acknowledging the difficulties and promising timely actions to mitigate the circumstances.

Given that Kogi serves as the geographic hub connecting Northern and Southern Nigeria, the state of our federal roadways has been a major source of concern for our administration, the residents of Kogi State, and all Nigerians.”We have taken note of the hardships faced by commuters, the detrimental effects on commerce and economic activity, and the pressure on our transportation infrastructure.

“In light of this, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Honorable Minister for recognizing this predicament and pledging immediate actions to improve the situation,” the governor stated.

As a sign of good governance, he emphasized the cooperative efforts of the federal and state governments in resolving infrastructure-related concerns.

Bello also expressed faith in the president’s “Renewed Hope” agenda’s ability to significantly improve the country’s economy and citizens’ quality of life, and he thought the minister’s promised immediate actions would be a turning point for those who frequent these highways on a regular basis.

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