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Voting in Zimbabwe is continuing despite delays.



According to Al Jazeera, voting has started in Zimbabwe as President Emmerson Mnangagwa runs for a second and last term in a nation where elections have often been violent and contentious.These elections, which take place on Wednesday, are the second since a coup in 2017 overthrew long-time despotic leader Robert Mugabe.

There are twelve contenders for president, but the primary matchup is anticipated to be between Mnangagwa, popularly dubbed as the “crocodile,” who is eighty years old, and Nelson Chamisa, the opposition leader, forty-five.You may remember that in a contentious election in 2018, Mnangagwa defeated Chamisa by a slim margin.

Chamisa wants to end the 43-year rule of the ZANU-PF party in power.

Only two presidents have served Zimbabwe since its 1980 independence from the control of a white minority.In the event that no candidate secures a resounding majority in the first round, a run-off election is scheduled for October 2.

Nearly 2,000 local council seats and the composition of the 350-seat parliament will also be decided by the results of this election.

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