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As FCT Minister, Wike denies a 300 million bulletproof car.



Wike Nyesom, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has denied using a N300 million bulletproof automobile as his official vehicle.

According to rumors, Wike just received a N300 million bulletproof automobile with the license plate “FCT 01.”

However, during a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday, Wike denied the reports, claiming that the car he is driving as FCT Minister is not bulletproof.

He said that as Governor of Rivers State, he drove a bulletproof car, but that as Minister, he does not.

“We can see what is going on social media; how they bought a bulletproof car for N300 million that I’m using,” Wike remarked. So, I want you to go hit your hands there [on the car] and see whether it is truly a treated car.

“With all due respect, people should avoid destroying other people.”

“When I came in, the Permanent Secretary told me they had a car for us.” So, I’ve never approved the purchase of an automobile, and I’m not driving an official bulletproof vehicle.

“I have bulletproof cars as governor, but I don’t use them as FCT Minister.”

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