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As Japan starts the Fukushima water discharge, Beijing fishmongers are concerned.



Beijing seafood vendors expressed their dismay on Thursday over Japan’s slow dumping of wastewater into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear facility, which was the scene of a nuclear accident.Wang Jinglong, a store manager at one of the largest seafood markets in the Chinese capital, told AFP that there had already been a “major impact” on his business, particularly on tuna sales, hours before the leak started.

The import restrictions that were put in place last month were mentioned by Wang when she stated, “We used to get some fresh Japanese fish, but due to customs bans we stopped receiving them two months ago.”If buyers are still interested, Wang showed AFP frozen Japanese seafood products that he won’t be able to restock after they are sold out.As compared to earlier, there is a noticeable difference in our sales volume.

Wang stated, “We used to have to slaughter three to five fish per week, like during the pandemic.”These days, we kill very few fish, and they come from Australia, New Zealand, and Spain instead of Japan.”The 53-year-old claimed that these goods are of “extremely poor quality, and not comparable to that of Japan.”

Nonetheless, he claimed he is powerless against the public’s “strong resistance” to Japanese goods.”There is close monitoring of this pollution topic.

“The United Nations’ nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has approved the discharge plan, stating that it complies with international regulations and “will not cause any harm to the environment.”

Furthermore, the operation is safe, according to the overwhelming opinion of worldwide experts.Shortly after the wastewater leak started on Thursday, China said that it would stop importing any Japanese aquatic products.

Workers in other parts of the Beijing market said that the strategy for the water discharge had had a noteworthy effect.Recently, many have discontinued carrying any Japanese seafood.

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