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Break-ins at Rivers University’s female dorm and thefts of students



On Thursday morning, thugs who appeared to be armed robbers broke into a female dorm at Rivers State University in Port Harcourt and took valuables like cash and cell phones.

The reporter learned that at around 1:45 am, dormitories “D” and “C,” which are close to the school’s back entrance and house a large number of female students, were searched. Some of the students there were allegedly sexually abused.

About eight in the morning after the event, students protested against what they called inadequate protection.The school’s two entrances were promptly closed by the administration to stop the unrest from getting worse.

Anele Miracle, the president of the Students’ Union Government, did not answer multiple calls made to his phone, making attempts to contact him unsuccessful. On a subsequent attempt, though, a voice said that Mr. Anele was meeting with the school’s chief security officer.

When reached, Grace Iringe-Koko, a spokesman for the State Police Command, acknowledged the event but insisted that no student had been sexually assaulted.”I am aware of the incident and an investigation is ongoing,” she said.

Normalcy has been restored when the Divisional Police Officer spoke with the Chief Security Officer of the school and mobilized his team to the school.

Superintendent of Police Iringe-Koko responded to the rape claim by saying, “It is not true.” All they took was their phones.

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