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Make public the FG palliatives you received. – APC youths inform Soludo



The Anambra State chapter of the South East APC Young Progressives Forum has requested Governor Chukwuma Soludo to provide specifics about the palliatives he received from the federal government on behalf of the people of the state, claiming that the governor’s broadcast on the topic lacked transparency.

Comrade Paschal Candle, the group’s national convener, said in a statement on Wednesday that the governor’s broadcast did not address one of the group’s key demands, which was for Prof. Soludo to state unequivocally whether the five truckloads of rice distributed by the federal government to each state had been received by the government of Anambra State, or if the state is still waiting for the five truckloads.

“It is critical that we track the rice Mr. Governor intends to share with 300,000 households, as well as the quantity,” Candle stated.

“If the rice comes from the federal government, it is critical that we inform our people so that the state government does not claim it came from state coffers.”

“As a result, we insist that Governor Soludo either confirms or denies receiving the five truckloads of rice from the FG.”

“Any attempt to avoid making such a simple clarification raises suspicion of potential corrupt practices because the state government may covertly include the cost of rice given to the state as part of the expenses incurred by the Anambra State government to provide palliatives.”

“Secondly, the governor’s address made no mention of the N5 billion in food aid that the federal government is providing to Anambra State, which is intended to procure 100,000 bags of rice, 40,000 bags of maize, and fertilisers.”

“This is extremely suspicious.” What will it take Governor Soludo to simply mention in his presentation that the Federal Government is paying states N5 billion as palliatives to cushion the consequences of subsidy reduction, as other states have done, if not for a dubious motive of keeping Anambra people in the dark?

“We therefore call on Governor Soludo to be open to Ndi Anambra and tell us about the N5 billion additional FG food palliatives and how he intends to use it.”That is the very least we expect from Mr. Governor.

“We know that a portion of the N5 billion Naira (48%) is a loan to Anambra, and Ndi Anambra deserve to know about any loan the Governor incurs on their behalf and how it is used.”

“In his address, Gov. Soludo should have also announced to Ndi Anambra how he intends to compile the social register for Anambra, which will serve as the foundation for the $800 million World Bank loan to the most vulnerable.”

“We proposed ways to make the list more comprehensive and nonpartisan, but Mr. Governor remained silent on the method of compiling the register, reinforcing our suspicion that the governor wants to fill the social register with mostly APGA members and supporters.”

Candle stated that the state’s workers have begun paying the adjustment from January 2023, about the 10% raise in public servant salary effective January 2023.

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