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‘Stop putting young lives at danger,’ says Kate Henshaw, calling for the abolition of NYSC.



In light of the safety of corps members, veteran Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has urged for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme to be scrapped.

Eight NYSC men were recently abducted along a highway in Zamfara State.

Henshaw responded on Twitter on Wednesday, saying that the scheme should be abandoned because the safety of Corps members was no longer assured.

She begged the authorities to “stop putting young people’s lives in danger with dormant ideas.”

“When I served in the North, it was a very memorable experience,” the thespian wrote. Traveling by road from Bauchi to the airport was safe, and I flew to Lagos using only my NYSC ID card, which earned me a ticket reimbursement.

“It’s time to abandon this plan because corpers cannot travel freely within the country!”

“Stop endangering the lives of young people with outmoded ideas.” Security is a top priority that must be addressed completely, not only technically.”

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