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Experts: One of the main causes of maternal death is late presentation.



In order to avoid complications during delivery, expectant mothers are encouraged to take advantage of Lagos State’s medical services by showing up early for prenatal treatment at the hospital.

The Medical Director, Dr. Taiwo Adeniyi, made the following statement during the 6th Annual Stakeholders Meeting of the Amuwo-Odofin Maternal and Child Care Centre (AOMCC) and Child in Lagos: early presentation would ensure adequate care for the expectant mother and the unborn child, as well as reduce the risk of complications during delivery.

Although he applauded Lagos State for its efforts to improve maternal and child health, he advised expectant moms to take advantage of the state’s many healthcare facilities in order to receive high-quality care.

“Mother and child centers have been developed around the state by the state government. Currently, the state has twelve.

The necessity for education is evident. The presence of those services alone is insufficient; the patients’ usage of these resources is also required.

Additionally, private hospitals and some other referral facilities must recommend patients in a timely and appropriate manner.

According to the medical director, in order to mitigate the impact of the elimination of fuel subsidies, the government is presently providing free prenatal care as well as free birth services (through vaginal and Caesarean sections) in all of its institutions.

In order to enhance their own and their children’s health, he urged expectant mothers and women to take use of the government’s palliative intervention program.

According to Adeniyi, the AOMCC’s maternal maternity statistics were excellent since there was enough staff on hand to handle patients, particularly those who had problems.

About 250 prenatal patients and at least 250 vaginal and Caesarean Section (CS) deliveries are handled by AOMCC each month, he claims.

We had 200 vaginal and CS deliveries in July.

According to him, Lagos State is generally performing well when compared to what happens in other states.

Dr. Alimat Usman, a pediatrician at the hospital, stated that pregnant women occasionally decline to have certain procedures done that could assist them and their unborn child avoid difficulties.

She claimed that some relatives and expectant mothers have false beliefs about CS and choose not to take the recommended course of action.

According to Usman, fibroid surgery, two prior CSs, and the baby lying transversely can all be causes of CS.

“A woman is late if she shows up the day after her scheduled CS; if she shows up two days later, it’s already too late.”

Approximately 5% of a liter of blood flows through the veins of an average adult.

Pregnant women need significantly more blood—roughly 50% more—to support their growing fetus.

According to Usman, the woman may lose up to 700 milliliters of blood every minute if difficulties resulting in hemorrhage materialized, perhaps resulting in her and the baby’s death.

She advised family members—especially spouses, patient moms, and mothers-in-law—not to discourage women from doing CS if they are scheduled to do so.

Speaking as well, Mrs. Joan Oluyemi, the Service Improvement Officer for the Service Charter Initiative at the Lagos Ministry of Health (LSMOH), noted that one of the main factors contributing to maternal death was delayed presentations.

Oluyemi advised expectant mothers to make sure they see their midwives and physicians if they notice any irregularities.

The presentation should start early. In the event that you experience any discomfort or anomalies, you should visit the hospital.

“We must pay attention to guidance. We had to be here early. We must be conscious of the risks associated with not collaborating with medical professionals.

In order to have healthy moms and robust kids, she stated, “We need to strengthen community outreach; we will continue to improve on this strategy.”

Prior to this, the chairman of Amuwo Odofin Local Government (AOLG), Mr. Valentine Buraimoh, bemoaned the dearth of sufficient information regarding pregnancy-related matters.

He advised expectant moms seeking care in the state to go to health facilities.

“Enough facilities have been provided by the government to ensure safe deliveries for expectant mothers,” he declared.

Buraimoh urged Lagos citizens to utilize the state-funded medical services, especially those who are pregnant.

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