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Government of Akwa Ibom asks Chinese company to relocate because to suspected emission



Golden Tripod Limited, a Chinese company based in Uyo along Ikot Ekpene Road, is being moved to the Ibom Industrial Park in Itam, Itu Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, after an order from the state’s governor, Umo Eno.

Additionally, he gave the Commissioners of Internal Security and the Environment instructions to look into the company’s operations and provide a report in less than 48 hours.Eno, who issued the directive on Thursday during the groundbreaking ceremony for the 2.2 kilometre Tabernacle Road project off Ikot Ekpene Road, stated that it is improper to locate factories in the center of cities.

According to the report he had access to, the factory had consistently produced dangerous pollutants.”In the next 48 hours, Commissioners of the Environment and Internal Security, please provide a report on the products that this factory produces.”I am aware that there are significant emissions present here all the time. Please find out what they do first, then move them to the industrial park right away.

The governor declared, “It is improper to cite factories in the middle of a city.”The governor urged investors to make use of the industrial park, promising that the government’s latest innovations would create a climate that would be favorable for enterprises to flourish.

The park has been divided into 150 plots, each ranging in size from 4,000 to 5,000 square meters.We are stating that individuals who are prepared to start industries should come and assess the type of industry they plan to start. After they provide us with the timeline and the quantity of workers, we will assign them a certain amount of land.”It will be fenced off by us. Water will also be available, and we want to establish a police station and a power plant there.

In order for us to allot land for you there after we examine your proposal, it will be similar to any industrial park anywhere in the globe,” he continued.”It was your desire to have a Government that will come and remember the poor and rural dwellers,” Governor Eno remarked, speaking about the Tabernacle Road project. You voted for that kind of government. I promised you this benefit of democracy.

We’ve come here to express our gratitude to everyone who voted for us in the Uyo and Itu elections.The Commissioner for Works and Fire Service, Professor Eno Ibanga, gave a summary of the Tabernacle Road project and stated that, in addition to building a road, the project involves significant de-flooding efforts to reclaim the entire region.

He also mentioned that the project’s completion will provide a break for the residents of the Itu and Uyo Local Government Areas.According to him, the 2.2 km road project will be completed with a 0.97 km subterranean drain that will discharge into the Calabar-Itu road drainage.

He also pledged that his Ministry would make sure contractors deliver the work in accordance with the state government’s specifications.

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