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NNPP suspends two individuals.



Two of the New Nigeria People’s Party’s members have been suspended, according to the National Working Committee.The party’s national publicity secretary, Agbo Major, and founder member Boniface Aniebonam are among the members.

The party said that the suspension was effective immediately awaiting the conclusion of the disciplinary committee’s inquiry in a statement that was signed by Mallam Abba Kawu Alli, the acting National Chairman of the party.

“As you all know, recent events involving the realignment of our party and the behavior of some of our members resulted in the removal of two party members, the suspension of approximately seven former state chairmen, and the dissolution of the executive committees of nine state chapters of our party,” Alli stated.

Alli disclosed that the party’s founding chairman’s disruptive behavior, according to him, was the reason for the suspension. He claimed the chairman felt that the political platform belonged to him personally.

Sadly, one of our party’s founders, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, has taken it upon himself to undo all of the decisions made by the National Working Committee, even those that the National Executive Committee of the party has approved and confirmed. As responsible members of the National Working Committee, we cannot allow this to continue.

“In accordance with our constitution, we have suspended Dr. Boniface Okechukwu Aniebonam and Dr. Agbo Major, the National Publicity Secretary, until the results of the investigations conducted by the party’s national disciplinary committee are known.

“In addition, the men and their suspended associates have engaged in anti-party actions and behavior that could potentially harm the party or incite hostility, disdain, disdain, or derision toward it, as defined by Article 39.2 (7).In addition, among other things, they are presently making the party and a few of the former suspended members into fictional characters.

Naturally, the gentlemen and those who were already suspended have first access to the disciplinary committee, which will extend an invitation for a fair hearing and provide a clearly defined appeals process as stipulated in our constitution.Additionally, Alli asked the media to correctly refer to the suspended members as “suspended” chairmen or party members.

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