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Recipients of the Rivers University dorm theft and sexual assault: Governor



The governor of Rivers State, Siminalayi Fubara, has stated that students at Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, were the ones who planned the attack on female hotels and took valuables from the establishment.During a visit to the campus after the event and the subsequent protest by the female students, Fubara made this statement to reporters.

Early on Thursday, thugs who appeared to be armed robbers broke into three female-only dorms close to the university’s back gate. They took laptops, cell phones, and other belongings, and four students were reported hurt.

The governor denounced the attack but insisted that those responsible should be found and brought to justice.”To be honest, I was really pissed off that something like this would be happening in the jet age,” he said.

To harass girls, someone broke into the female hostel.”I said that I would come and personally inspect the issue rather than merely dispatching my assistants and law enforcement.I can promise you that we will find the guilty parties.

Furthermore, they are clearly not outsiders. Here, they are also pupils.He promised that the required steps would be taken to prevent a repeat of the attack and that the state government would see to it that the kids hurt in the attack received proper care.

I’ll see to it that the victims among the students receive the necessary medical care. Additionally, we’ll take steps to prevent a recurrence.Governor Fubara declared, “I will also coordinate with the school administration to enhance the security situation.”To commemorate his first 100 days in office, Sir Fubara has stated that the people of Rivers could anticipate more development initiatives in other sectors than those that have already been done.

Following an inspection tour of a few projects in four local government districts of the State, he promised to make good on the pledge, saying he would personally certify the projects’ state of completion to make sure the beneficiaries received the required quality.

The 10.3 km Indorama-Agbonchia-Ogale-Ebubu-East West Link Road, the 19.1 km Oyigbo-Okoloma (Afam) Road, the Alesa-Eleme Comprehensive High School, the Botem-Gbene-nu Horo Road, the Koroma-Tai Community Secondary School, and the Government Secondary School in Eneka Town were among the projects that were inspected.

Even though Fubara’s administration was still in its early stages, he stated that his determination to work harder to further the State’s interests will be maintained in order to guarantee that every Rivers resident benefits from the advancements made in development.

“I am happy with what I saw,” he said. The amount of effort being done in secondary schools is evident. The quantity of employees demonstrates the contractors’ seriousness.

We also made a stop at Eleme, where we have two projects underway. The first is a road that connects the Ogu/Bolo Local Government Area to Eteo Road; it is the old Bori route, which we plan to open soon.”This is a crucial project because, once completed, access to the Ogoni, Opobo, and even Andoni axis won’t require crossing the East-West Road.”

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