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The NBTE explains its motto, “skills not degrees.”



Prof. Idris Bugaje, Executive Secretary of the National Board for Technical Education, states that the board’s motto, “Skills not Degrees,” is intended to inspire young people in Nigeria to prioritize gaining skills over credentials.In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Friday, Bugaje provided the clarification.

He explained that the public’s misperception that the NBTE was undermining university degrees in favor of technical and vocational education and training prompted the need for the clarification.

The NBTE motto, “Skills not Degrees,” means that Nigerians ought to put more emphasis on developing their talents since the world needs them.Put differently, you can find a very decent career even without a degree provided you have the necessary talent.However, without abilities, even with a Bachelor of Science or other degree, you will not succeed.

You won’t get a job. “That’s the primary takeaway,” he stated.The executive secretary urged young people in Nigeria, regardless of the kind of degree or higher education they possess, to concentrate on skill development in order to obtain skills qualifications.

He asserts that skills are what will increase Nigerian youngsters’ employability on the world market and their relevance to industry demands.”So, in essence, that is the message.”In order to encourage skilled labor for independence, the NBTE chief also promoted dual qualification, in which colleges grant bachelor’s degrees and the National Skills Qualification degrees concurrently.

He clarified that in order to help students develop the skills needed for self-employment, institutions should make their industrial work experience program more useful.

In addition to awarding National Diplomas, Nigeria Certificates of Education, and Higher National Diplomas, he emphasized the necessity for polytechnics and Federal Colleges of Education to implement skill-building programs.He claimed that if this isn’t done, graduates of polytechnics and education colleges will have a dismal future.

“A paradigm shift toward entrepreneurship and skills has become imminent, with skill serving as the global labor currency for the economies of the twenty-first century,” he declared.According to Bugaje, the goal of the HND to B.Sc. top-up program is to help HND holders advance their careers and academic careers.

According to NAN, the NBTE stated on August 14 that an HND certificate could be converted to a bachelor’s degree through the one-year top-up program, which could be applied for at to Bugaje, the program will lessen the hardships faced by the nation’s HND holders.

He said that people with HNDs have suffered for decades and that unsuccessful attempts have been made to do away with the distinction between HNDs and bachelor’s degrees.

He argues that HNDs are the best outcomes of the Polytechnic system and emphasizes the necessity for them to continue their education by pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in philosophy.

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