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Coup in Niger: Smugglers Attack Customs Officers at the Katsina State Border



In an attack by a few suspected smugglers in Dankama, Katsina State, on the border with the Niger Republic, Customs Inspector Haruna Aminu of the Federal Operations Unit Zone B suffered serious injuries.

The coordinated-seeming incident occurred nearly simultaneously with the smugglers’ assassination of two Customs inspectors in Kebbi State.

Superintendent of Customs, Isah Suleiman, the Customs Zonal Public Relations Officer in Kaduna, said in a statement that the event happened on Wednesday, August 23, at approximately 1:45 p.m., when officers and personnel were going to the Dankama region of Katsina State as part of their regular patrol duties.

He claimed that some criminals who were thought to be smugglers attacked the police violently and with deadly weapons while they were performing their official anti-smuggling responsibilities, injuring Inspector Haruna Aminu multiple times.

Suleiman continued, saying that the injured cop was taken right away to the hospital and is recuperating.

The Forward Operating Unit “B” Customs Comptroller, Musa Jalo, is deeply worried about the injuries sustained by his officer and has launched a thorough inquiry to find the people responsible for the heinous conduct.

Jalo reaffirmed the unit’s resolve to efficiently man the borders and stated that no matter whose ox is gored, such violent acts will never stop the unit’s operatives from performing their official tasks.

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