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The government of Enugu promises to close down fuel stations that are dishonest.



The government of Enugu State has pledged to close fuel outlets that engage in unethical behavior, such adjusting meters. They have emphasized that the state will not tolerate petroleum product marketers that deceive customers by giving them less fuel than they have paid for.

The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, IPMAN, Enugu State, was instructed to summon its members to order by the government, which expressed regret that none of the 15 fuel stations it visited had an accurate metering system. Going forward, the government would deal with the dishonest marketers.

Hon. Emeka Ajogwu, Commissioner for Special Duties, stated the government’s stance during an impromptu inspection of filling stations in Enugu city to confirm the accuracy of claims of aggressive behavior by some oil marketers in the region.

He informed reporters that the state government had started the program in response to complaints from citizens and drivers in Enugu, particularly those who transport goods.

“The administration has been inundated with complaints regarding the unscrupulous tactics of the state’s petroleum product marketers. Sadly, we found that none of the filing stations’ meters were accurate after making impromptu visits to fifteen of them. However, their petrol prices ranged from N600 to N620 per litre.

“Enugu residents were shortchanged N768.60, N702, N682.00, N575 N441.60, N480, and N256.2 for every 20 litres of fuel they purchased. We see this as blatant economic sabotage as well as immoral.

The Dr. Peter Mbah administration is steadfast in its resolve to increase productivity and improve people’s quality of life; we won’t stand by and let this economic strangling to go on. He emphasized, “It is inconsiderate, unacceptable, and we will never support it.

Concurrently, Ajogwu sent a warning to the station managers, instructing them to modify their meters to ensure precise distribution of petroleum products.

Ajogwu also promised the people of Enugu that fuel stations in the state would be regularly monitored and warned that any station deemed to be unsatisfactory would be closed permanently.

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