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There is no excuse for suicide, psychiatrists caution Nigerians.



According to certain mental health professionals, there are no life obstacles that should be used as an excuse for anyone to take their own life.In a Friday interview in Lagos with the News Agency of Nigeria, the practitioners disclosed this.Concerned about the rise in suicides in the nation, the practitioners stated that facing difficulties in life should never be an excuse for suicide because they are an inevitable part of existence.

The Association of Psychiatrists of Nigeria (APN) National Vice-President, Dr. Veronica Nyamali, believes that life should be viewed from a variety of perspectives, including positive, negative, and sweet.Nyamali also voiced concern about the numerous difficulties, such as economic downturns and hardships, that Nigeria was facing.

She expressed regret that some people had thought about suicide, turned to drug usage, or acted immorally as a result of these difficulties.When faced with difficulties, she advised Nigerians to have a laid-back attitude and create healthy coping and adaptation strategies rather than entertaining suicidal thoughts.

The doctor offered suggestions and advocated for mental health education to help people realize that life is full of obstacles.”Life can be difficult at times and wonderful at others.”Life is never without problems; as long as there is life, there will inevitably be difficulties.Consequently, no number of difficulties is worth a person’s life being taken away.”Nigerians’ perspective on life needs to be altered; they must be taught that life is full of obstacles and that it is these obstacles that pave the way for success stories,” the speaker stated.

She advised people to always be around upbeat people, to express their concerns, to speak up, and to ask for assistance as these are things that can be helpful when faced with difficulties.Furthermore, according to consultant neuropsychiatrist Dr. Maymunah Kadiri, the majority of suicide or attempted suicide cases are the consequence of mental health or psycho-social issues.

Anxiety, sadness, animosity, and hopelessness are a few of the psycho-social issues that Kadiri, the medical director of Pinnacle Medical Services Ltd., mentioned.She also mentioned persistent sadness, losing interest in once-interesting things, feeling consistently useless, and appetite loss as symptoms of depression.She went on to say that an increase in urban migration was one of the causes of suicide, and that this, in turn, can lead to an increase in psycho-social issues.Given that suicide is not a diagnosable illness, Kadiri said that it may be 100% preventable.

She claims that there are several steps that can be taken to stop suicide, such as government initiatives and restricting access to tools of suicide like guns, pesticides, and some pharmaceuticals.

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