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Variant COVID-19 extends to Uganda, South Africa, and two more countries.



The COVID-19 vaccination is still a vital weapon in the fight against serious cases and COVID-19-related mortality. High-risk populations should receive vaccinations more quickly, according to AU member states.

“To monitor trends and important indicators such as hospitalization, severity, bed occupancy, and test positivity, strengthen the sentinel surveillance system.”In concert with regional and national pathogen genomics laboratories, strengthen timely genomic surveillance. The Africa CDC stated that it is still assisting with this cooperation at the continental level through the Africa Pathogen Genomics Initiative.

Additionally, it called for AU Member States and other health authorities to carry out epidemiological studies in order to evaluate the impact on the healthcare system, the seriousness of EG.5, and the efficacy of public health initiatives.

The Africa CDC was requested to continue receiving timely data from “all AU Member States on emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants or subvariants.””Africa CDC will continue to monitor the situation and provide further guidance to AU Member States and the public, as more information becomes available about the EG.5 and other subvariants, as long as the risk associated with EG.5 remains low.

“The WHO has received reports of over 769,806,130 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, including 6,955,497 deaths. A total of 13,499,865,692 vaccine doses have been given.

According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, as of August 26, 2023, there were 3,155 COVID-19 deaths, 259,953 discharged cases, 3,567 active cases, and 266,675 confirmed cases in Nigeria.

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