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ID Cabasa, a producer, discusses his falling out with 9ice.



Well-renowned Nigerian producer ID Cabasa, also known as Olumide Ogunade, has finally disclosed the reasons for his breakup with former signee 9ice almost 14 years ago.9ice, real name Abolore Akande, was not happy with Cabasa’s choice to carry on working with the latter’s ex-wife Toni Seun Payne, according to Cabasa in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

Payne oversaw the musicians signed to Cabasa’s Coded Tunes Record label, which at the time included rapper Olamide and her divorced spouse, 9ice.

After the dramatic separation, 9ice did not agree with Cabasa’s decision to keep working with Payne, and they eventually cut their relations with the producer.In an Instagram video posted on Sunday, Cabasa explained his decision to retain Payne on his squad.

The producer claimed that he had done it for Zion, 9ice and Payne’s 2008-born son. “You saw that I brought Toni Payne in when I started pressing Olamide? Nineice was upset, but he didn’t know why I had brought Payne in.

“I needed to keep Payne and Zion near 9ice, so I brought Payne in.”

“I had my connections. My publicist was Mr. Kupuloyi. I can find someone to move my artists around if I need to, but when I saw Payne, I could tell she desired a reconciliation.

“I thought that 9ice might never see his son if she takes Zion abroad.”

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