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IPMAN is against state governments assuming control of downstream regulation.



According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria has denounced what it called state governments’ move to assume regulatory authority over downstream petroleum operations in the South-East.In an interview with reporters in Awka on Sunday, Mr. Chinedu Anyaso, the chairman of IPMAN, Enugu Depot, who oversees the states of Anambra, Ebonyi, and Enugu, stated as much.

According to Anyaso, state administrations lack the authority to oversee downstream petroleum businesses and the standardised and certified equipment needed to measure the precision of dispensing machines.

According to him, IPMAN denounced state governments invading retailers on the pretence of enforcing pricing and keeping an eye on dispensing machines.He stated that states were free to collaborate with the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA), adding that it was still the sole organisation with constitutional authority to oversee operations in the downstream sector.

He argues that state governments lack the knowledge and certification to regulate downstream operators, and that their use of improperly calibrated seraphim bottles precludes them from doing so.According to Section 48 (1) of the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), only NMDPRA is authorised to handle all regulatory functions within the industry.

The Anambra government invaded our filling stations, and we complained. However, most recently, the Enugu State government has been doing the same thing with an intentional attempt to blackmail some of our members.

IPMAN Enugu Depot denounces this.”Some governors’ aides are acting with blatant overzeal.” We urge our governors to confront these individuals, so as to prevent IPMAN from heading towards conflict with state governments,” he issued a warning.

Anyaso stated that IPMAN was not absolving its members of unethical behaviour, but emphasised that state governments ought to work with NMDPRA, which was founded by the federal government to oversee the industry in case it becomes necessary.

“IPMAN does not claim that any of its members have never engaged in malpractice. We’re not holding anything up for them either; all we’re saying is that the right people should handle things correctly.

Since NMDPRA maintains offices in practically every state, state governments ought to collaborate with them. In order to verify that its members are abiding by the rules, IPMAN maintains an internal task force, the speaker stated.

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