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Layi Wasabi has always known that comedy was his calling.



He seems to have made the appropriate professional decision due of his easygoing humor.

Layi Wasabi’s distinct comedic style has gone viral on the internet.

Now, as a guest on the BTS Reality podcast, he discusses how he developed the idea for his alter ego, “The Law.”

Isaac Olayiwola, better known by his stage as Layi, talked about how his alter persona, The Law, a lawyer, served as inspiration. That he always knew he wanted to be a comic was something he emphasized.

According to him, “I’ve always known that I want to do comedy. I was the class clown in school, so I knew that this is what I’d do when the day was over.” “What is funny?” my class teacher said when I informed her that I wanted to be a comic.

Interestingly enough, Layi practices law full-time, and he claims that’s where he gets the inspiration for his writing. He said that he gave his alter ego and the other characters in his skits a lot of his personality.

Speaking candidly, he stated, “I think I started to do that lawyer character more because the persona is not just scripting, I’ve now become that guy lowkey.”

The actor added that he is able to give life to his characters by making them sound like the folks he encountered and heard as a child growing up in Osun state.

He continued by recalling his mother’s response when he told her at the age of nine that he wanted to be a comedian. When he said that his preferred career route was “over her body,” his mother responded in a way that was typical, according to his humorous account.

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