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Minister for the Niger Delta reaffirms dedication to the area



In a statement made public on Sunday in Abuja, the Minister of Niger Delta Development, Abubakar Momoh, reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining stability in the nation’s oil-rich region.

In addition to congratulating Edo and Delta states on their 32nd anniversary of establishment, the minister asked the people living in those two states to take stock of the struggles they have overcome and the gains they have made over time.

As we commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the founding of the states of Delta and Edo from the previous Bendel State, today represents an important turning point in the history of our cherished area.

This is a momentous occasion that not only honours our common journey but also represents our strength as a team and the opportunities for growth that lie ahead.

“To the amazing people of Delta and Edo states, I offer my warmest greetings and congratulations in my capacity as Minister of Niger Delta Development.

This anniversary gives us a chance to take stock of the progress we’ve made, the obstacles we’ve surmounted, and the goals we have for the future of our states.”We now have the opportunity to direct our own paths, make the most of our resources, and cultivate our distinct identities thanks to the establishment of the Delta and Edo States.

We are witnesses to the progress and expansion that has occurred throughout the years as a result of the combined efforts of our citizens.”I am dedicated to making sure that the Niger Delta region continues to flourish and thrive,” he continued.

Let’s use this anniversary to remember why we are all in this together and to motivate us to keep working towards improving our communities.

We can build on the foundation set by our forebears and provide future generations a brighter future by working together, being innovative, and being committed to progress.

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