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Romanian petrol station explosions result in one fatality and fifty-seven injuries.



Two explosions shook an illegal liquified petroleum gas filling station just north of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, late on Saturday, injuring 57 people and killing one, according to officials.Firefighters who raced to the station to put out the first explosion’s fire before the second one happened made up the majority of those hurt.

According to Raed Arafat, head of the emergency department, 39 firefighters, two police officers, and two gendarmes were among the injured, some of whom had severe burns.

Arafat released a statement saying, “Tonight we transferred two firefighters and two civilians abroad (for treatment) and more will follow.”The ministry of defence claims that the four were moved to either Belgium or Italy.

Prosecutors have launched an investigation since it was initially unclear what caused the explosions in Crevedia, a municipality of villages.

“It is evident that the station lacked a permit to operate, as we are aware that it was shut down,” Arafat stated.

Along with forcing people to evacuate, the fire had a radius of 700 metres (770 yards).

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