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The Kano government prays “extra” for continued existence.



In anticipation of the Election Petition Tribunal’s decision, the Kano State government held a special prayer session on Saturday to ask God to intervene and support the continuation of the current administration.Dr. Sani Ashiru, the Chief Imam of the Kofar Nasarawa Mosque, led the prayer session, which was prayed for supreme peace, justice, and tranquilly to rule throughout the state and the nation.

In order to show our appreciation and gratitude to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala for His many bounties and boundless mercy towards us, our state, and our nation, we have gathered here today and are praying to Him.

In order to thank Allah SWT for giving us the victory in the general elections of 2023, we pray here today.”We are gathered here today to express our gratitude to Allah (SWT) for maintaining the safety of our nation, state, and communities.

“The Imam expressed gratitude to Allah for the advancements in the state’s business sector and the emergence of wealth during the past three months.

He was grateful to the state government for restoring streetlights “in all parts of the state” and for providing basic social amenities like pipe-borne water.”This administration registered over 57,000 students for NECO at a cost of about N1.3 billion,” he stated.

For this reason, we’ve gathered here to pray for our state and federal leaders.”Oh Allah, You have blessed us with these leaders—our elected leaders. With Your help, we voluntarily chose as our leaders. Please keep them safe.

Please lead the way for them.”Oh Allah! The people’s adversaries are plotting and organising to overthrow our leaders! Defeat the people’s foes.

“Oh, Allah, destroy Kano State’s enemies wherever they may be.” Almighty God, the adversaries of the state are attempting to pilfer the people’s mandate by means of a backdoor.”Oh Allah, overpower and bewilder them; bring about a lasting peace in our state.”

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