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Tinubu tells attorneys, “Change your mindsets and let us move Nigeria forward.”



President Bola Tinubu has urged legal practitioners in the country to rededicate themselves to providing services that will aid in the development of the country.

The President, who officiated at the 2023 Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, in Abuja, insisted that such rededication must begin with a shift in attitude and a complete commitment to national progress.

The conference theme, ‘Getting It Right, Charting The Course Of Nigeria’s Nation Building,’ he called as ‘very fitting and extremely relevant to our current condition as a country’.

“We must get it correctly. Why are we so blessed but still lacking? Change your perspectives. We frequently lament the past. Is that, however, the solution? No!

“Look ahead, be determined.” God has endowed us with a creative mind and will. Nigeria is our motherland, our country. It is our duty to construct it,” President Tinubu stated.

Furthermore, he stated that his administration would work successfully with the private sector, which he defined as a generator of economic progress and prosperity.

He stated that such collaboration would ensure the delivery of democratic benefits to Nigerians.

“Yes, it is a pity that we do not have enough electricity to power the vast majority of Nigerian homes and industries.” Without energy, how can we combat poverty? With an uninterrupted power supply, we can lift many people out of poverty. Poverty is unacceptable and must be eradicated,” he stated, adding that the government would never longer use earnings from its enormous resources to service external debts.

“Can we keep servicing external debts with 90% of our revenue?” It is a path to disaster. It cannot be sustained. We must make the painful reforms required for our country to emerge from its slumber and be regarded among the world’s major powers.

It may be painful at first, but consider the long term. It has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with you. It is for future generations,” President Tinubu declared.

While thanking the NBA for the privilege of declaring the conference open, President Tinubu expressed confidence that the country would be better in no time thanks to the calibre of persons he allowed to his cabinet as Ministers.

“However, I cannot promise that I will not make mistakes; however, I will not make costly mistakes.” I’ve surrounded myself with brilliant minds, one of whom is the Federation’s Attorney-General.”

President Tinubu expressed gratitude to the NBA for defending his electoral victory.

“It is not about money, but about your admiration for my activism and capacity.” So, whatever it is that I am doing correctly, please remind me, and I will continue to do it.

“Please tell me what I’m doing wrong, and I’ll change.”

President Tinubu stated that what he expected from his ministers was “a change of attitude and approach to governance.”

“With over 16, 000 legal minds attending this conference, you are not here for a picnic,” he continued. You are here to chart the course, and I trust and expect this of everyone assembled today, so that we may build our country and set Nigeria on the route to greatness together. And I guarantee you that I will do everything in my power to achieve this.”

Earlier in his speech, the AGF, Prince Lateef Fagbemi, SAN, stated that lawyers in the country must “rise up and occupy strategic place” in the President Tinubu-led administration’s nation-building drive.

Similarly, the event’s Guest Speaker, Mr. Tony Elumelu, emphasised in his address that with an abundance of both human and material resources, the country must continue to pave the way for other African countries to follow.

Our commercial sector, philanthropies, civil society, and all people must be brought together and empowered – as genuine, valued, and implementing participants in this national rejuvenation, nation building.

“It is incumbent on all of us to work together to reset Nigeria.”

“Let us approach the task of nation-building with firm resolve, guided by the principles of unity, inclusivity, and progress.”

“Let our pursuit of nation-building be marked by unwavering determination, empathy, and the determination to leave a legacy of progress, unity, and hope for future generations.”

“Let history remember us not for our individual achievements, but for our collective efforts in building a nation that stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the entire black race,” Elumelu concluded.

Mr. Yakubu Maikyau, SAN, the NBA President, said in his welcome message that he was optimistic that President Tinubu would replicate the good achievements he accomplished as governor of Lagos State.

“President Tinubu got it right in Lagos, and it is our considered expectation that as President of Nigeria, you will not only replicate your achievements in Lagos, but surpass them for our country,” NBA President said.

Among those present at the conference’s opening ceremony were President Tinubu’s Chief of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamila; Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike; Minister of Sports, Senator John Enoh; former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha; and past NBA Presidents.

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