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Nigerians suffering greatly, regrets an Anglican bishop



Even though it was promised that the current economic situation would only last temporarily, many Nigerians are experiencing extreme suffering, according to Most Reverend Joseph Akinfenwa, the Bishop of the Ibadan Diocese.

This was said by Akinfenwa in his sermon at the Sunday service held at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Cathedral Church in Ikeja, Lagos, where the Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba, Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, consecrated four new bishops for the church.

The newly appointed bishops of the Akoko Edo Diocese, Ebenezer Saiki, and the Anglican Diocese of Lagos, Ifedola Okupevi, are among those consecrated.The other two are Venerable Festus Nwafili of the Diocese of Ndokwa and Venerable Collins Babalola of the Anglican Diocese of Ajayi Crowther.

“Even if we say it is temporary, the truth is that people are in severe pain,” Akinfenwa stated in her speech. Additionally, clerics are the ones who provide their shoulders for people to cry on when they are pushed to tears.

Even with all the clamour of devotion throughout the nation, who is not ashamed of the degree of crime, corruption, and poor culture there? It’s a common belief that a society elects leaders who suit it. Even the leader who was hailed as the model of honesty and the anti-corruption champion, corruption essentially knocked him out for eight years.

He went on to counsel the men of God, saying, “Don’t get sidetracked. Plenty more work still has to be done. This is heavenly hiring.

This need to be viewed as a challenge rather than a success. Consider this to be a request for assistance.

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