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Proof of President Tinubu’s Attendance at Chicago State University (Video and Photo)



This post is in reaction to some confused individuals who claim Bola Tinubu did not graduate from Chicago State University and those who seek his class mates.

The evidence below shows that he did, in fact, attend Chicago State University.

  1. A photo album for a 1979 Chicago State University graduate
  2. A video of Tinubu classmate “Tunde Badejo” indicating that they both attended Chicago State University.
  3. A photograph of Tunde Badejo from the 1979 yearbook of Chicago State University

Tunde Badejo revealed in the video below how Tinubu was in Accounting at the time and he was in Mathematics. He stated that Tinubu was a decent student and enjoyed politics and football at the time.

When looking at Tunde Badejo’s photo in the school yearbook, it is clear that it is the same individual.



President Bola Tinubu and Tunde Badejo in a photo album. Tunde Badejo and Tinubu can be seen in the photo gallery linked below. Tinubu is on page 75, and Tunde Badejo is on page 57.

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