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Shaibu expresses his intention to run for governor while pledging allegiance to Obaseki.



Despite the dispute between the two, Edo State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, has pledged his commitment to his superior, Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Shaibu, on the other hand, insisted that his devotion to Obaseki had nothing to do with his ambition to become governor of the state.

The Deputy Governor made the remarks while addressing during Edo State’s 32nd anniversary on Saturday, August 26, 2023.

The governor recently accused Shaibu of preparing a coup against him, claiming that his deputy was yearning to succeed him.

However, Shaibu, who regarded the governor as his elder brother, stated that his devotion to Obaseki’s administration was unwavering.

“My loyalty to the governor remains absolute,” Shaibu stated. Everyone appears to be in agreement. I am also in agreement with the governor. I also declare my undying devotion to the governor and nothing else.”

“As for the issues that arose in town while I was away, I would prefer not to discuss them, especially the governor.” He is my older brother and supervisor, and I don’t think I should discuss anything with him.

“And if I have disagreements with him, I believe they should be resolved at home rather than in the media.” “I was raised properly.”

As a Christian, Shaibu committed to continue to support Obaseki as Edo State governor from start to finish. He insisted, though, that his determination to assist his principal should not jeopardise his aim to become the state’s governor as well.

But that doesn’t stop anyone from being ambitious. Ambition is a personal trait that has no bearing on loyalty. My devotion to the governor is unwavering. I see that everyone is working together. I am also in agreement with the governor. “I also declare my unwavering solidarity and loyalty to the governor and nothing else,” he added.

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