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Representatives resolve to end the use of exemptions for recruitment in MDAs.



The House of Representatives has committed to end the use of waivers in government recruiting in Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, or MDAs.

Waiver was characterised by MPs as an abuse of recruitment processes in which nepotism and favouritism took central stage.

Yusuf Gagdi, Chairman of the Ad hoc Committee on Job Racketeering and Mismanagement of IPPIS, disclosed this yesterday when the Registrar of National Post-Graduate Medical College, NPGMC, appeared before it in Abuja.

He stated that granting waivers in recruiting by any MDA was not in the best interests of the country, and that the waiver had been severely misused by MDAs.

Gagdi stated that any recruitment that does not follow due process, such as advertising in national daily, will no longer be tolerated.

Waivers in recruitment would be prohibited, he said, adding that they were not for the good of the country after being vulnerable to abuse.

The committee chairman claimed that chief executive officers, directors, and others had exploited the waiver process by hiring buddies, relatives, and individuals in their good graces.

He stated that recruiting in MDAs should be advertised going forward, and that any recruitment without advertisement was unacceptable.

He urged MDAs to uphold the federal character of recruitments in order to ensure broad participation and to promote fairness, justice, and equity.

The lawmaker deemed NPGMC’s selective recruitment practise to be unacceptable.

Your actions are unacceptable, and you have violated the federal character. Your nominal roll is growing as employees retire.

“You have Borno, Yobe, and Plateau on your recruitment list, which are not represented in your organisation.”

“In your 2021 recruitment, you were unaware that Sokoto, Borno, Kano, Jigawa, and Bauchi, among others, have zero,” he continued.

He questioned why the recruitments were not distributed among the states with no representation.

Prof Fatiu Arogundade, Registrar, NPGMC, stated in his speech that all inconsistencies in prior recruitments identified by lawmakers would be remedied.

According to him, the college has not excluded people from the north east.

He apologised and pledged to remedy the error in future recruitments.

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