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Seven communities in Kwara lament the 18-month blackout.



Seven communities in Kwara State’s Ilorin East Local Government Area are complaining about an ongoing power outage that has plagued the area for more than 18 months.The Ilorin East local council headquarters, Oke-Oyi, Agbeyangi, Oke-Ose, Panada, Badi, Adelu, and Oloro in the council area were among the impacted localities.Alhaji Ahmed Seriki, the chairman of the Oke-Oyi Community Development Association, claims that throughout the past 1.5 years, there have been power outages in the areas.

Nonetheless, he urged the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company to bring back power to the community following an eighteen-month blackout.Speaking on Monday, Seriki bemoaned the state of affairs and urged IBEDC to take immediate action in a conversation with one of our journalists in Ilorin.He stated that the state of affairs has a negative impact on local business operations in the face of ongoing financial difficulties.

“We had visited the IBEDC headquarters in Ilorin on multiple occasions. Babaoko, Sango, and Challenge advised us to purchase cables, so we gave N500,000, but we didn’t observe any improvement. Our community has been without power for over two years,” he bemoaned.He declared, “Many businesspeople moved to other towns, and those who were unable to do so are living in extreme poverty.”

“We implore the relevant authorities—the state governor and the IBEDC in particular—to reinstate the town’s power outage. “Socio-economic activities in this community have been paralysed by the power outage,” Seriki said.

Jamiu Oladokun, the association secretary, also mentioned that the community had already purchased cables to aid in the restoration of electricity.Mr. Oladokun, however, said that the endeavour was unsuccessful.”Every hospital in Oke-Oyi is grumbling about how much petrol and diesel they have to purchase to run their generators and other essential machinery.

We’ve had multiple meetings with the IBEDC representatives in Baboko and Sango in Ilorin, and we even paid money to buy the damaged materials, but it didn’t work out, the man stated.The secretary said that the residents could not handle the circumstances.Because it is simpler for criminals to work in the dark, a local named Jimoh Yewande pleaded with the authorities to save them.

IBEDC’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Olori Busolami Tunwase, said Punch that the company would look into the cause of the issue affecting the local electrical supply.”If the residents of the communities have reported to our office, we will look into the nature of the problems to determine what is actually wrong, fix the problems, and bring electricity back to the area,” the representative stated.

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