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Enhance your constituencies, legislators in Taraba are urged by IPCR.



On Wednesday, Taraba MPs were urged by Joseph Ochogwu, the Director General of the Institute of Peace and Conflict Resolution, to bring up matters that would benefit their constituents and promote a peaceful agenda.

At the Strategic Legislative Course on Negotiation and Mediation with the Taraba State House of Assembly, organised by the National Peace Academy of the Institute, Ochogwu delivered the call during the closing ceremony.The 24 MPs were counselled by the DG to put what they had learned into practise in their communities.We owe it to ourselves to change our culture, he declared.

It has nothing to do with the governors or the president. It all comes down to what we do in our own areas to effect change.”Please remember to carry the training you received here with you. Discover a change in Taraba state and use the appropriate legislation to better your constituencies.

According to the DG, this was the first course of its type designed to give lawmakers the abilities, know-how, and skills they need to steer Nigerians towards a more peaceful nation.He said, “The people directly provide the legislative branch of government its authority, and in order for leaders to continue engaging with the people, they must possess the necessary abilities, knowledge, and skills.

“What we gave the lawmakers today were the strategic skills.”According to Ochogwu, violence has been rife throughout the nation and that terrible trend needs to be changed, starting with each individual and continuing through communities and society as a whole.

In line with the current administration’s renewed hope agenda, he stated, “We hope that our partnership with the Taraba government and other organisations will continue so that we can change the narrative from issues surrounding violence to peace and continue to ensure that we dominate the space with the issues of peace.”Peace is a problem that cannot be solved by one individual or organisation. To change things, we hope to work in tandem with the Taraba government.

Speaker of the Taraba State House of Assembly John Bonzena gave a speech during the ceremony and promised that a peace committee will be formed by the assembly to address problems.Nobody needs to be told how important it is to get such training, especially in light of the direction society is taking, according to Bonzena.

It is crucial to keep our society peaceful.”When we return to our state, we shall make our course practical. The state house of assembly will establish a peace committee, with the unrestricted authority to broker peace whenever it becomes necessary.

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