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Why My Music Standout – Gswag Expression.



IBRAHIM ANUOLUWAPO OLUWASEUN GABRIEL  known as  G-SWAGG XPRESSION, I’m a Nigerian hip hop rapper, Singer and song writer.Was born in the year of 1997 June 25,I’m from Ekiti state was born and raised in Ogun state,Attended MOSHOOD ABIOLA POLYTECHNIC in Ogun state Abeokuta,

I’m an independent artist do things alone nobody to rely on music is hard without any sponsor or helper but we keep it on,I get my inspiration from me I inspire my self ,My inspiration came from my pains and feelings mostly and at times it’s come from people around me what I see so I don’t like being around those who dull my energy till all my pains fade away,My favorite time of day is Early Morning 6AM-8AM

My type of music is to inspire others preaching the fact also giving the Ghetto youth strong hope cus I also came from the Ghetto and I’m not only for the street but for the wise when you listen to Xpression music and you digested it you‘ll understand what I’m saying,

I also love to learn more about music love to work with people who know more better than me

A little interview with Gswag Expression..

Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

ans;A Nigerian based hiphop artist From Ekiti state was born and bred in ogun state Nigeria.

Who are your biggest artistic influences? Ans;My biggest artistic influences are Olamide Baddo and late Dagrin. Their music has inspired me with their unique style and ability to tell stories through their songs. I admire their creativity, originality, and ability to connect with their audience through their music.”

Tell me about your favorite medium.

Ans:RAP is my favorite medium

Where do you find inspiration?

Ans: Reflect on my experiences: Thinking about my personal experiences, struggles, and triumphs.

When is your favorite time of day to create?

Ans: the best time of day for me to create is whenever I feel most inspired and motivated.

Describe how art is important to society.

Ans; Art is expressive in the sense that it allows individuals to express themselves in unique and creative ways. It can be used to communicate emotions, ideas, and perspectives that may be difficult to express through other means. Art is a powerful tool for self-expression and can help individuals to connect with others and to make sense of the world around them.

What motivates you to create?

Ans;Inspiration and personal expression.

How do you define success as an artist?

Ans;personal fulfillment,recognition and growth

Does art help you in other areas of your life?

Ans; art  help me in many areas of your life. For example, it help me to develop  creativity and critical thinking skills, which can be applied to other areas of my  life such as problem-solving, decision-making, and innovation.

How do you develop your art

Ans;rehearsing songs,practicing stage presence.

Questions about experience and background

Have you worked as a professional artist before?

What’s the purpose or goal of your work?

Ans;The purpose of my work is to communicate something meaningful, entertaining and impactful to my audience and to fulfill my career !.e been well known.

How can your work affect societal issues?

Ans; inspiring and empowering others to take positive action.

How do you navigate the professional art industry?

Ans;To navigate the professional art industry , it’s important to build a strong network of contacts, develop a strong portfolio, stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and be persistent and resilient in the face of challenges.

Which art trends inspire your current work?

Ans; As a hip-hop artist, I’m inspired by innovative techniques, blending musical styles, and socially conscious themes. I’m influenced by other artists and my own experiences to create music that reflects my unique style and voice.

How has your style changed over time?

Ans; My hip-hop style has evolved as I’ve gained experience, experimented with new techniques, and refined my message. This has allowed me to create more authentic, innovative, and impactful music that resonates with my audience.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of professional art?

Ans; My favorite part of professional art is expressing myself creatively and connecting with my audience. My least favorite part is the competitive nature of the industry and the pressure to constantly produce new and innovative work.

Do you have a network of other artists, and how do they support you?

Ans;yes,we both feature ourselves in music

What have critics and collectors said about your work?

Ans; As an artist, I’ve received both positive and negative feedback from critics and collectors. While feedback is important, I try to stay true to my own vision and not get too caught up in the opinions of others.

Is there a specific environment or material that’s integral to your work?

Ans; the studio is the most important environment for my work, and my microphone is my most important tool for conveying my message and connecting with my audience.

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