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Michael Jackson’s children make a rare appearance to commemorate the late singer’s posthumous birthday.



Michael Jackson’s sons, Prince and Blanket, made a rare public appearance in Las Vegas to honour their late father on the day of his posthumous 65th birthday.

According to the Daily Mail, Bigi Jackson (previously known as Blanket), 21, and Prince Jackson, 26, were seen conversing with guests in Sin City’s Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino following a Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil performance.

On Tuesday, Blanket and Prince attended the 10th anniversary of ‘Michael Jackson ONE’ in Las Vegas.

The programme incorporates acrobatics, dance, and visuals that immerse the audience in Jackson’s music and is driven by his best songs.

Blanket, who made a rare public appearance, wore a casual black button-up with matching trousers and shoes, while Prince dressed casually in a grey T-shirt, blue jeans and a blue baseball cap. He also had a neatly maintained short beard.

Inside the casino, the two met fans and shared their favourite memories of the global phenomenon.

Blanket appeared more depressed and stayed to himself in the photos, while Prince excitedly hugged fans.

Despite not being there at the event, Paris Jackson, who is presently on tour with her band, wrote a touching homage to her father on Instagram.

Jackson and her brother Prince attended the “Michael Jackson Diamond Birthday Celebration” in Mandalay Bay in August 2018 to honour their father on his 60th birthday.

They accepted the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award for his humanitarian work with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation on his behalf.

On Tuesday, the 25-year-old paid tribute to her father, who died in 2009 when she was 11, in videos broadcast on her Instagram Story.

The article also included a video of her speaking on stage at Colorado’s Las Colonias Park Amphitheatre about Michael Jackson and how he despised happy birthday wishes and acknowledgements.

Paris remarked this as she sat in what seemed to be a dressing room after exiting the stage in the first clip.

“Today is my father’s birthday, and when he was alive, he used to despise anyone recognising his birthday, wishing him a ‘Happy Birthday,’ celebrating it—nothing like that.”

“He actually didn’t want us to even know when his birthday was because he didn’t want us to throw a party or anything like that,” the singer went on to say.

“That being said, social media appears to be how people express their love and affection these days, and if you don’t wish someone a ‘Happy Birthday’ via social media, it apparently means you don’t love or care about them.”

When Jackson decided not to tweet about her father on his birthday in prior years, she said “people lose their f—ing minds” and “tell me to kill myself.” “They’re basically telling me that based on what I post on Instagram, I don’t love my own father, so I made you guys a little video and I hope you enjoy it,” she explained.

The singer then shared a second Instagram Story video of herself performing onstage at the Colorado venue on Tuesday, with bands Incubus and Bad Flower.

“It’s also my dad’s birthday,” Jackson said in the video. “And he would have been 65 years old today, and he put 50 years of blood, sweat, tears, love, and passion into doing what he did, so that I can stand up here on stage in front of you and scream into a microphone.”

“So, I owe everything to him,” she added poignantly. “And I’d also like to take a moment to introduce my other family, which is these guys up here on stage with me,” Jackson remarked, motioning to her backing band.

Jackson was back in the dressing room in a third video posted to her Instagram Story. In the video, she invited her father’s “superfans” to celebrate his birthday by getting engaged in subjects he cared about, such as climate change and environmental and animal rights activism.

“These were things that he loved and was very interested in,” she said, “and I can’t speak for him because I’m a different person and I don’t know, but I’m sure he would have loved that.”

In August 2018, Paris attended the “Michael Jackson Diamond Birthday Celebration” at Mandalay Bay with her brother and Prince to honour their father on his 60th birthday.

They accepted the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award for his humanitarian work with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation on his behalf.

Michael Jackson lived in Prince and Paris with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe from November 1996 to April 2000.

Blanket was conceived through a surrogate, while the woman’s identity is now unknown.

In a now-famous scene in 2002, Jackson dangled Blanket from the balcony of the Hotel Adlon in Berlin.

The musical legend died in June 2009, at the age of 50, after acute propofol and benzodiazepine overdose in his Los Angeles residence.

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