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Mob attack on DSS personnel in Osun elicits mixed reactions.



The mob attack on Department of State Services (DSS) personnel in Osogbo, Osun State, has elicited mixed reactions.

An eyewitness told our correspondent that the narrative being circulated in the media was distorted.

According to the source, who wishes to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the matter, two DSS officers were on surveillance in the Tinumola area of Osogbo, where the event occurred.

The operatives, Abiodun Tifase and his colleagues, he claims, were asked to pay the electrical bill.

“As they returned from the office on Tuesday evening,” he said, “the caretaker, Mr Dele Omosola, who also resides in a ‘face me, I face you’ flat beside the operatives’ resident demanded for the August electricity bill, which Tifase paid after withdrawing money from PoS operator known as ‘Portugal’ also beside the house.”

According to the source, Tifase handed N3,200 to Mufidat Abdulwaheed, the person in charge of the collecting. According to the source, the woman also distributes alcoholic beverages in front of the residence.

Tifase beckoned on his colleague, who was talking with the caretaker, as he was walking to his room. The caretaker then summoned Tifase, but he refused, claiming that he had already paid the fee.

According to the informant, the caretaker unleached two of his sons who were drinking together to go rough with Tifase for disrespecting him.

Tifase, who was still in his kits at the time, had to swing his jack knife when it became clear that his life was in danger.

Later, he ran from the mob and requested reinforcements to save his life. Meanwhile, as the mob attacked him, his colleagues fled.

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