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Osun police chase owners after dogs murder infant and hurt mother.



Two Alsatian dogs are said to have leaped out of a building in the Halleluyah Area of Ido-Osun, Osun State, on Wednesday and attacked a nursing mother known only as Mummy Basira. The dogs then allegedly took a baby that was strapped to her back in the neighbourhood.

When the dogs attacked the baby, killing her in the process, at around 3 p.m., the residents watched helplessly as the occurrence caused panic.An unidentified eyewitness claimed that while the dogs attacked the nursing mother and took her infant, they also attacked and hurt the woman who tried to save the child.

“All of us looked on helplessly. We were informed that the dogs had leaped out of an unoccupied building, grabbed the infant, who was reportedly five months old and strapped to the mother’s back, and proceeded to abuse her.

“The mother attempted to save the infant while the dogs were abusing her, but she was unable to do so. The mother was assaulted by the dogs, who killed the infant and injured her. Later, other locals saved the mother by chasing the dogs away with sticks. She was taken urgently to this Osogbo hospital.

Although the house from which the dogs escaped is unoccupied, the locals are aware of the people who have lived there. Their lines are off, but they have been phoning their cell numbers. Right now, there’s a lot of tension in that neighbourhood. The eyewitness stated, “We reported the matter at Estate Police Station in Osogbo.

“When contacted, Yemisi Opalola, the spokeswoman for the Osun State Police Command, confirmed the event and stated that officers had started a manhunt for the dogs’ owners.

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