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President Ali Bongo of Gabon is being trailed after pleading for help in a viral video.



After the military overthrew Gabon’s president, Ali Bongo, in a coup, the president made a cry for help in a viral video. Since then, people have flocked to social media to discuss the most recent coup.

Following President Ali Bongo’s reelection on Wednesday, a group of senior military commanders in Gabon declared on television that they had assumed control of the nation after 14 years in charge.Omar Bongo, his father, ruled for 42 years.

Following the coup, the Bongo family—which had ruled for 56 years in total—caused a stir on the internet.

Janes Sparkles responded to the viral video by saying, “He banned the Internet to enable him to rig his way to power.

” He is requesting assistance with the same instrument that he forbade. This is the appearance of hypocrisy.

Bravo to the wonderful people of Gabon. He did not inherit the president; how can you hold onto power after more than 50 years in office? A basic issue exists with the majority of our African leaders.

“No, we are not noisemakers,” I.tobiloba, an additional Instagram user, remarked. You’ve remained utterly mute while the masses have been clamouring for basic basics for years. Go through your struggles on your own; they’re happy about the victory.

This occurred because of GREED, according to #kins4real, who offered an alternative to a coup as a solution.”First of all, the military coup is unacceptable, and I am totally against it.

Nonetheless, this is the height of avarice when one family dominates a nation rich in crude oil for years and uses a monarchical system of government to legitimise their family business.

“Secondly, it is urgent that the military hold another election for Ali Bongo and his cabinet members to be under scrutiny if they truly want to put things right and not just serve their own self-interest. While I oppose the coup in Niger, I am in favour of the one taking place in Gabon, provided that the military acts morally and promptly.

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