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Tinubu praised efforts to resolve Emirates Airline’s problems with Nigeria.



Nigerians for Better Nigeria, NBN, has praised President Bola Tinubu for his reported efforts to resolve Nigeria’s ongoing dispute with Emirates Airlines.

The dispute, which escalated early this year, has resulted in massive losses for both the airline and Nigeria due to the trapped millions of dollars. It has also had a detrimental impact on the business, educational, and medical interests of many Nigerians, among other things.

President Tinubu recently committed to handle the situation as quickly as feasible.

NBN issued a statement through its Abdulmumin Sanusi.

The National Secretary expressed the group’s appreciation for the President’s efforts to resolve the concerns as soon as feasible.

We, members of Nigerians for Better Nigeria, which includes businessmen, women, students, patients, and tourists, are pleased to learn that Mr. President wants the dispute with Emirates Airlines settled as soon as possible. There is little doubt that the avoidable controversy has had a negative impact on all stakeholders’ businesses and personal life in both Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

We implore Mr. President to intervene as soon as possible so that the airline may restart operations in the country and both countries can resume their business, educational, and medical interactions, among other things. There is no denying that both Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have suffered greatly since the airline’s suspension of operations in Nigeria.

For the record, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) revealed in May 2022 that the international airlines operating in Nigeria had trapped $450 million in money.

Emirates Airlines DSVP International Affairs, Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, stated in a letter to the Federal Government, “With effect from 15 August 2022, Emirates will be forced to reduce flights from Dubai to Lagos from 11 per week to seven.” We had no alternative but to take this move in order to offset Emirates’ ongoing losses as a result of monies being stopped in Nigeria. Emirates has $85 million in money pending repatriation from Nigeria as of July 2022. This sum has been climbing by more than $10 million per month as the continuous operational costs of our 11 weekly flights to Lagos and five weekly flights to Abuja continue to mount.

“As we have previously stated, the problem was caused by some Nigerians in high places who intended to mock the country.” Why should Nigeria withhold funds for tickets sold by any company, domestic or foreign? It’s unjust, disgusting, and illegal.

This unlawful conduct has cost many Nigerians their livelihoods, lives, and even their educational opportunities. Many Nigerians who have enterprises or are doing business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have lost a large chunk of their firms, and those who are studying may have had their studies cancelled.

“Those in Dubai who require medical attention may be in a deeper crisis.” There is no question that some of them may have died as a result of Emirates Airlines’ suspension of operations in Nigeria.

As a result, we are pleased that President Tinubu saw the critical necessity to resolve the situation as soon as possible.”

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