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In Southern Kaduna, a strange illness damages ginger farms worth billions of dollars.



Ginger farmers in Southern Kaduna have counted their losses after a peculiar ailment thought to be a fungal infection disrupted their ginger output, costing them over N10 billion.

However, the National Ginger Association of Nigeria (NGAN), in cooperation with the Non Farmer Initiative, came to the farmers’ aid and provided N50,000.00 to each of the afflicted farmers.

National President of the Ginger Association, Squadron Leader N B. Daudu (rtd. ), told journalists in Kachia, the headquarters of Kachia Local Government Area in Kaduna State, that they have already requested the Federal and State governments to provide antidotes to combat the disease.

“The government should provide palliatives in order to reduce the pandemic currently affecting Ginger farmers in Southern Kaduna,” he said.

Concerning the product’s output, the National President stated that due to a shortage of Ginger processing plants, Nigerian Ginger is unable to command competitive rates in the global market.

“It is therefore logical to establish a Ginger processing plant in order to meet the international quality standard,” he stated. Because of the poor quality of our processed ginger and its packaging, our dear country is performing well below expectations in ginger exports around the world.”

Hon. Aaron Bako, Chairman of Kachia Local Government, and Queen Victor Saidu, Director of Agriculture and Forestry, both stated that ginger was the primary source of income for the people in the area.

They stated that “these impoverished Ginger Farmers have equally contributed to Nigeria’s GDP.” So, on that note, we appeal to governments to assist our people who have been adversely affected by this odd disease.”

Captain Maikano Abdullahi Sara (rtd), a representative of the Non Farmer Initiative, stated that the empowerment scheme was designed to mitigate the effects of the recent pandemic.

Rita Asabe, speaking on behalf of the farmers who benefited from the empowerment project, stated, “We are grateful for the gesture, and we also ask the government to please come to our aid.”

She stated that they would use the money wisely.

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