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Jos Disco criticises Makurdi’s vandalised towers



Engineer Abdu Mohammed, the Managing Director of the Jos Electricity Distribution PLC, has expressed dissatisfaction with the way that vandals have damaged the 33KV towers in Makurdi, Benue State.

In a statement released on Thursday to journalists in Makurdi by Dr. Adakole Elijah, Head of Corporate Communications, Mohammed questioned why somebody whose sanity was not in doubt would consider damaging the electricity tower.

On Wednesday, the MD and his management team went to the Makurdi location to see the work being done to replace the towers that had been vandalised.He urged the perpetrators to stop their heinous deeds, claiming that they would endanger people’s lives.

“As you can see, if we don’t rescue it now and it collapses, it may fall on the road, which could cause accidents and potentially result in fatalities,” he stated.

Additionally, many of our clients will be impacted if it collapses.Mohammed was at the tower site with his whole management team to hasten the restoration of the vandalised tower, though, and he expressed pleasure with the speed of the repair.In order to prevent vandalism, he urged the public to keep watch over the towers and report any unusual activity nearby.

The towers collapsed because it was noticed that some of the tower members who had been utilised to fortify the towers at the base had been removed from numerous areas and carted off by unidentified individuals.

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